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Top 6 reasons you should buy a portable washing machine

Scrubbing your dirty and grimed clothes and reducing the piles to nothing can be daunting and time-consuming. But that’s a breeze for your washing machine since they make your laundry sessions a mere walk in the park. However, not all washing machines can be as flexible and convenient as portable ones. And so, you have every viable reason to get one and make your cleaning more fun and less of a bother. If you’re down with the idea, here are the top 7 reasons you should buy a portable washing machine. 

1. Saves Time

Running with your dirty cloth piles to and fro the laundromat eats away a significant part of your valuable time. It gets worse if you run multiple errands but still have to do some laundry when you have none left for cladding. The scrubbing, wringing and hanging can be quite a process, sometimes taking hours and leaving your hands bruised. But a portable washing machine patches things up at the drop of a hat since you only load it up and let it do all the leg work for you. A portable washing machine cleans your clothes in up to an hour’s wash cycle and dries them up. That saves you crucial time to help you relax or find other essential things to do.

2. Requires Little Effort

Scrubbing your clothes is strenuous, leaving you worn out after cleaning every cloth. But regular washing machines in the laundromat hardly help with that either, since you still have to drive to the laundromat lifting heavy loads of dirty clothes that need some justice. Most people get turned off by the idea of owning a regular washing machine and instead run for portable designs for domestic use, and rightly so. It’s much easier moving them compared to the former washing machine types. Standard washing machines need more attention and care in maintenance than portable washers. Besides, they’re bulky and an uphill task to move them around. They’re also costlier and unfit for tight budgets, making the portable designs so sought-after in most households.

3. Privacy

No one outside the confines of your home needs to know about your laundry days as you run to a service station. Washing machines offer much-needed privacy, but that’s not usually cross-cutting to every washing machine design. Portable washing machines don’t bother with nagging noise and let you quietly clean your clothes without disrupting your neighbors. Heavy washing machines spin quickly, and although it makes them pretty efficient, it only leaves you with a headache and disturbed lugholes. Portable washing machines spin slowly and make less noise, and you could perhaps take a nap as they tidy up your clothes before the alarm goes off.

4. Easy to Operate

Portable washing machines are straightforward, with no complex control nodes to get your railroads mixed up compared to regular types. Besides, you don’t need fixed hookup water systems to clean your clothes, but connecting them to your kitchen or bathroom faucet is simply enough to make it work. Also, most portable washers use the top-load design, and you can simply drop your attire in, add detergent and make things more effortless for you. The only bother would be draining it now and then, especially if you have a massive pile of dirty clothes to clean. Regular heavy-duty washing machines can be overly complex to operate and get fixed to proper hookup and drainage systems, which is mostly too demanding.

5. Ideal for Sensitive Cloths

Portable washing machines are usually slightly lenient on color-fading and soft fabric compared to regular, heavy-duty washing machines. They have slower but more efficient spin cycles that hardly scrap away cloth dye. And as such, it leaves your fabric untouched but clean and sparkly. To some extent, portable washing machines give your clothes an advantage of time with longer life spans since they go easy on them during cleaning. Quicker spin cycles are ideal for tougher fabrics but to the detriment of the softer ones. And although you still have the “delicates” option on your regular washer, it isn’t as tender as a portable washing machine. 

6. Cheaper Than Regular Washing Machines

Portable washing machines hardly force you into breaking the bank. Instead, they cost way less and are fit for a tight budget. Besides, maintaining them won’t be too heavy for your pockets since they consume less water and detergent. However, comparing the cumulative effect on the costs with regular washing machines is still valid when cleaning a similar pile of dirty clothes. And as such, it may seem not to make a noticeable impact. But in truth, portable washing machines make a significant difference, which goes a long way to save you loads of cash. 

And this one…

7. Ideal for Small Families

People living alone won’t need regular washing machines that consume too much electricity and water. The same goes for couples or a household of not more than two, since the clothes that need washing may not be much. A regular washing machine is best suited for medium to large families with high cleaning demand. Usually, cleaning is frequent and involves washing huge cloth piles in such cases, which is daunting. Therefore, using small portable washing machines in such instances is impractical and way out of the question. Portable washing machines are also fit for tight spaces, typical to a one or two-person household. That guarantees you’re not losing any room, making them practical. 


Portable washing machines offer numerous advantages over regular types, with the most significant benefit being cost-saving and effortless maintenance. These washing machines come in handy in tight spaces with the gain of not losing too much room. Singles, couples and small households find these washing machines more reliable and convenient, and rightly so. They help bring down expenses and tailor to their cleaning needs without wasting too many resources. Overall, they save on valuable time and are more gentle on most materials, guaranteeing longer cloth material life spans. If anything, owning a portable washing machine is a worthy decision you’d be glad to make. 

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