Sonya Portable Washer Review


Sonya Portable Washer – Portable Washing Machine Is Great For Apartments, College Dorm Rooms, and RVs


The Sonya Portable Mini Washing Machine 12 Pounds is an amazing portable washing machine. The washer comes with settings to select for your type of clothing. The mini washing machine is light weight as it only weighs 50 pounds. It is also on wheels so you are able to push it easily. There is no hook-ups needed for the washer. This is a perfect portable washing machine for a family or a single person.


  • Lightweight (50 pounds)
  • Stainless steel tub
  • On wheels
  • No hook-ups needed – making it a great apartment size washer
  • Washes 12 pounds of clothing
  • Affordable


  • Only holds 12 pounds of clothes
  • Compact which limits the amount of clothes it can hold


The Sonya Compact Portable Mini Washing Machine Washer 12 Pounds is perfect for just about anyone. This is great for a home, condo, apartment, cabin or summer home that doesn’t have a washer hook-up. It is even great if it does as this is compact and light weight. You can wash your clothes for the length of time that you want. If you have clothes that are extremely dirty, then you decide when it should spin. The washer is easy to push as it is on wheels.


The performance on this portable washer is unbelievable. The clothes get so clean. The washer is easy to install and can hook up to any sink. The hose is long enough that you don’t have to wheel it around if you don’t want to. You will be surprised on how great the portable washer works. It works better than a full size washing machine.

Best Use:

The Sonya Compact washer is best used anywhere and that is why this is a great mini washing machine. You can use this is an apartment, house, cabin or summer home. It is also great to get a college student as they can do their laundry in their dorm and cut out all expenses to a laundry mat. The places that this washer can be used in unlimited.


The Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine 12 pounds only weighs 50 pounds. The washer is on wheels which allows easy movement if you have to move the washing machine to do your laundry. This mini washing machine can hold up to 12 pounds of clothing which is quite a bit.

Value for Price:

The price on the Sonya Portable Washing Machine is unbelievable. The washer will pay for itself with the money you save on going to the laundry mat to do your laundry. Not only is the price great, but the washing machine cleans your clothes so good that you will save money on having to purchase new clothes.


The Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine 12 pounds is a great portable washer. With the brand being Sonya you know you are getting a quality product. The washing machine is perfect for any home, apartment, dorm, cabin or summer home. This mini washing machine is also great for a family or a single person. The washer is light weight and on wheels for easy movement. The Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine is compact, but the performance is full size!

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