Avanti 110v Portable Dryer Review


Avanti 110v Portable Dryer – Perfect For Apartments, RVs, and College Dorm Rooms


The Avanti 110 Volt Dryer is an excellent dryer. The dryer can be wall mounted or free standing. The dryer is great for any space – doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, college dorm, or RV. There is a viewable window in the door to allow an easy view of the clothes drying. The dryer doesn’t have to be vented which is nice for those that does not have a room that allows for venting units. The drying time is quick and economical. The Avanti dryer is great for a single person or a family.


  • Wall mountable
  • Free standing
  • Window door
  • 110 volts
  • Dries quickly
  • Perfect for anyone
  • Reasonable price


  • Drying can take awhile
  • Venting can be tricky
  • Small dryer


The Avanti 110 Volt Dryer plugs into any 110 outlet. You don’t have to worry about having a 220 outlet for this dryer. The dryer drum is made from aluminum and this makes this dryer light weight. It only weighs 45 pounds. You can wheel the dryer easily. The installation can be mounted on the wall on self-standing. There is a temperature dial on the dryer so you can select your drying time. To have a quick drying time, then putting less clothes in the dryer works great. Realistically, you probably will not be able to put more than a few jeans, shirts, and towels in it without having a few drying issues.


The performance of the Avanti dryer is amazing. The drying time is quick, but you must not overload the dryer. This would be the same for a full size dryer. The ability to not worry about venting makes this perfect for a dorm, apartment or house that doesn’t have a dryer hook-up. You can dry four pair of jeans in less than an hour. This is excellent time for heavy clothing.

Best Use:

The Avanti 110 Volt Dryer is best used anywhere. The dryer can be wonderful for your kid heading off to college in a dorm or apartment. This would be a money saver for them. This is also best used at an apartment, house or lake house cabin. It is light weight so it is easy to haul and move around. This is a dryer that is perfect for anywhere.


The Avanti dryer only weighs 45 pounds. It may weigh a little, but performs amazingly. The dryer is made of aluminum which will keep the dryer light, but also lasting for many years. You are able to dry several pair of jeans in under an hour. Light and delicate clothing can be dried in under ten minutes.

Value for Price:

The price of the Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer is very reasonable. For the cost of taking your clothes to the laundry mat you can purchase this in no time at all. The performance that comes with the dryer is another bonus that makes this an amazing price. You won’t get a dryer that does what the Avanti dryer does for this price.


The Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer is perfect for anyone. A single person or a family. The dryer works quickly and efficiently. The performance is outstanding. The dryer is light weight and can be used in any home, apartment, dorm, cabin and vacation condo. The price is reasonable. There isn’t another dryer that can do what this dryer does for the price.

Ordering Parts:

Those of you needing Filter replacement, here are the part numbers and description of each filter. There are actually three “filters”:

1. Small one at the door latch, called “air inlet filter”
Part # GYJ42.2-4

2. The tighter mesh screen inside the plastic circle, called “filter”
Part # GYJ42.5-5

3. Wool like fabric against the tub on back wall. called, “filter of inner tub”
Part # GYJ42.5-6

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